Division of Mathematics Seminar


Unless otherwise specified meetings are held at 13:35pm in Room 2.25, Building E (map) .


  1. 14/9    Tamara Mchedlidze, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

             Application of point-line duality principle in graph drawing

  1. 23/9    Stefanos Aretakis, Princeton Univ. & University of Toronto

             Asymptotics for the wave equation and applications to general relativity



  1. 19/2    Leonidas Mindrinos, University of Vienna

             The direct electromagnetic scattering problem by an infinitely long dielectric cylinder

  1. 26/2    Alexandros Saplaouras, TU Berlin,

              A general result on existence, uniqueness and robustness for BSDEs with jumps

  1. 4/3      Panagiotis Souganidis, University of Chicago

              Scalar conservation laws with rough time dependence

  1. 11/3    Ioannis Stratis, University of Athens

              Electromagnetics of Complex Media: an Excursion to Mathematical Issues

  1. 18/3    Georgia Karali, University of Crete

              Randomness in reaction-diffusion equations

  1. 24/3     Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

               Fraisse limits and extreme amenability

  1. 8/4       Open House for prospective students

  2. 15/4     Pantelis Dodos, University of Athens

               Pseudorandom sparse hypergraphs

  1. 22/4     Panayiotis Chatzipantelidis, University of Crete

              The Virtual Element Method for Elliptic Problems

  1. 13/5     Ioannis Ntzoufras, Athens University of Economics and Business

              Bayesian Variable Selection Using Power-Expected-Posterior Priors in GLMs

  1. 20/5     Shunsuke Yamana, Kyoto University

              Modular forms from the classical to the modern

  1. 27/5     Konstantinos Zygalakis, University of Edinburgh & Newton Institute, Cambridge

               Qualitative Behaviour of Numerical Methods for SDEs and applications to

               homogenization, molecular dynamics and machine learning

  1. 31/5     Yannis Kevrekidis, Princeton University (venue: αίθουσα Κουμούτσου Σχ. Χημ. Μηχ.)

               Mathematics for data-driven modelling- The science of crystal balls    

  1. 3/6       Nikos Frantzikinakis, University of Crete

              Structure and randomness in ergodic theory and arithmetic

  1. 9/6       Zoe Rapti, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

              Infectious disease in a model organism: modeling within and between host transmission

              and the role of the ecological network of predators and resources

  1. 16/6     Haim Brezis, Technion, Rutgers & Univ. de Paris VI


              Where Cauchy, Fourier, Sobolev, Gelfand and Bourgain meet

  1. 17/6     Nikos Tzirakis, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

              The initial and boundary value problem for the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation

  1. 22/6     Ngô Bảo Châu, University of Chicago

              Symmetric Polynomials, Representation Theory and Geometry

              Note: Room 101, SEMFE new building, at 16:00.


  1. 16/10  Doros Theodorou, NTUA

             Molecular simulations of polymers in multiple space and time scales

  1. 23/10  Nikos Alikakos, University of Athens & IACM-FORTH

             On the structure of phase transition maps: Density estimates and applications.

  1. 30/10  Dimitris Fouskakis, NTUA

             Objective Bayesian Variable Selection. Introducing the Power-Expected-Posterior

             Prior Methodology.

  1. 6/11    Foivos Xanthos, Ryerson University

             An abstract version of almost everywhere convergence in Banach lattices

  1. 20/11  Gerassimos Barbatis, University of Athens

             On the Hardy constant of some non-convex planar domains

  1. 27/11  Nikos Efremidis, University of Crete

             Curved, accelerated, and discrete optical waves

  1. 4/12    Vassilis Dougalis, University of Athens & IACM-FORTH

             Finite element method for the Shallow Water equations with characteristic

             boundary conditions

  1. 15/12  Workshop on Logic and Philosophy of Computer Science (Multimedia Rooms, Library 13:45)

  2. 18/12  Agelos Georgakopoulos, University of Warwick,

             Some applications of electrical networks to Mathematics


  1. 27/2   Thodoros Chorikis, University of Ioannina,

            Soliton perturbation theory in problems with non-zero boundary conditions

  1. 13/3   Drosos Kourounis, Universita della Svizzera italiana

            Constraint handling for gradient-based optimization of compositional reservoir flow

  1. 17,19 & 20/3   Athanasios Tzavaras, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

            Structure and Analysis of Systems of Thermomechanics (minicourse)

  1. 27/3   George Smyrlis, NTUA

            Multiple positive solutions for singular nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems

  1. 3/4     Neofytos Rodosthenous, Queen Mary University

            Optimal stopping games for convertible bonds

  1. 24/4   Gerassimos Athanassoulis, NTUA

            A novel Hamiltonian formulation of the Nonlinear Water-Wave Problem over arbitrary

            smooth bathymetry, with applications to propagation and scattering problems.

  1. 8/5     Amir Dembo, Stanford

            The Atlas model, in and out of equilibrium

  1. 15/5   Michalis Anthropelos, University of Pireaus

            Equilibria in Risk-Sharing Transactions

  1. 22/5   Fransesca Faraci, Universita di Catania

            Some existence and multiplicity results for a semilinear elliptic problem with a singular term

  1. 12/6   Panagiotis-Nikolaos Tzounis, NTUA

            Approximation of the Interaction Parameter χ for Polymer Blends via Atomistic Simulation

  1. 16 &17/6  Athanasios Tzavaras, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

            Structure and Analysis of Systems of Thermomechanics (minicourse continued)

  1. 26/6   Ioannis Giannoulis, University of Ioannina

            Interaction of modulated water waves with finite depth

  1. 3/7     Kenneth C. Millett, University of California, Santa Barbara

            Thick Polygonal Models of Polymers 


  1. 3/10   Ilya Spitkovsky, William & Mary College USA, and NYU at AbuDhabi

            The numerical range. Some recent developments.

  1. 31/10 Emmanouil Georgoulis, NTUA and University of Leicester

            Numerical methods for convective mass transfer through

            semi-permeable membranes: adaptivity and blow-up detection.

  1. 7/11   Ercília Sousa, University of Coimbra

            A higher order method for fractional advection diffusion equations

  1. 25/11 Tristan Pryer, University of Reading

            The numerical simulation of nonvariational and fully nonlinear PDEs

  1. 5/12   Daniel Peterseim, Universität Bohn

            Eliminating the pollution effect in Helmholtz problems by local subscale correction

  1. 12/12 Fotini Karakatsani, Chester University

            The effect of mesh  modification in time on the error control of fully discrete

            approximations of  evolution equations.

  1. 18/12 Tuncay Aktosun, University of Texas at Arlington

            Inverse Scattering in One Dimension

  1. 19/12 Theofanis Sapatinas, University of Cyprus

            Bootstrap-based Testing For Functional Data

  1. 19/12 Vassilis Rothos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

            Traveling waves in dissipative equations: Applications in FPU dissipative lattices

            and metamaterial lattices

  1. 9/1     Antonis Papapantoleon, Technische Universität Berlin

            Improved bounds for d-copulas and applications in model-free finance

  1. 23/1  Dimitris Mitsoudis, TEI of Athens & IACM-FORTH

            Helmholtz equation in a two-dimensional waveguide with artificial boundaries

  1. 23/1  @1:05 Nikos Alikakos, University of Athens & IACM-FORTH

            On the structure of phase transition maps: density estimates & applications

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